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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I take lessons?

We recommend that you fly two to three times a week. The more regularly you fly, the more likely you will be to retain information. This will also help you achieve your aviation goals quickly, as each certification requires a specific number of flight hours logged. 

Do I have to purchase insurance?

Chiota Aviation has insurance that covers our staff, our students, and our plane rental. This is unique compared to many other flight companies and is one less step that you have to take before taking to the sky!

Am I too old to be a pilot?

No, Chiota welcomes individuals from every age and every walk of life. Whether you are retired and looking for a new hobby, or looking to begin your flight career early in life, we are here to help you attain your goals. 

Can I be paid to fly?

To be paid to fly you must attain a commercial pilot certificate. To reach this certificate you will also need a private pilot license and over 200 hours of flight time.

How many instructors will I have?

At Chiota Aviation, your instructor depends upon your availability and how often you will be able to fly. It is our goal to keep each student with one instructor, and we will work to pair you with an instructor who is compatible with your learning style.

Do airlines require four-year degrees?

All of the regional airlines that we partner with do not require a four-year degree. Additionally, almost all major airlines have taken away their four-year degree requirements.