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The latest addition to our fleet is a 1980 Cessna 172N, but you wouldn’t know it!
N4865D has a new, state of the art, Avidyne and Dynon avionics suite, as well as a brand new interior.
Additionally, this airplane has a new propeller and a 0 time, upgraded 180hp engine. For all intents and purposes, its a brand new airplane.

Promotional rate of $170.00/hr

Cesna Aircraft

N4864D is a Cessna 172N, and it’s our workhorse. This aircraft is an ideal training vessel for all our Waco flight school student pilots and private pilots, with no fancy and flashy avionics to distract them as they are learning the fundamentals of flight. It is still IFR certified and has a Garmin 530W for navigation.

Promotional rate of $140.00/hr