About Us

Our History

On July 7th, 1997, our owner, Felix Chiota, took his first flight lesson in a Cessna 152 at CNW. Today, almost 24 years later, he has over 9,500 hours, has moved through many different avenues of aviation, and is the owner of Chiota Aviation! We have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry and are excited to be building up new pilots. We just said goodbye to our Mooney plane a few months ago, but are welcoming in our 3rd airplane, 63D! Exciting things are ahead with Chiota Aviation! 

Our Staff

Each of our staff members is a Certified Flight Instructor with years of experience under their belt. As a team, we are excited to share our passion for aviation and help you achieve your dreams.

Felix Chiota Headshot



Felix Chiota is the owner of Chiota Aviation. Felix grew up in Zimbabwe, where his fascination with aviation began at a young age. In 1995, he immigrated to the U.S. to further pursue his passion. Felix graduated in 2000 from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Sciences and from Texas State Technical College with an Associate Degree in Aircraft Pilot Training. Some of Felix’s early aviation experience includes working as a flight instructor for five years, as well as providing Contract Pilot Services. After his experience as a full-time flight instructor, Felix flew for an airline. In June 2007, Felix was extended the privilege of serving as an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. When Felix isn’t flying, he enjoys playing guitar, learning new languages, staying physically active, and traveling. Learn more about Felix through his AskAlliance interview.

Ratings & Certificates: ATP; FAA Designated Pilot Examiner; CFI-CFII-AGI-MEI; Type Rated in CRJ 200, CE-500, CE-560, GALX-200 (G-200), Challenger 300, 350, 650, EMB-505

Jeff Alvis Headshot



Jeff Alvis is the chief flight instructor at Chiota Aviation. Jeff’s interest in aviation began in his childhood when he was visiting family in Germany. Jeff saw that airplanes were always able to connect him and his family together—regardless of the miles between them. Jeff knew right away that he wanted to provide that same connection for people all over the world. On his journey to becoming a pilot, Jeff felt called to help others realize their aviation dreams as well. He worked as a Certified Flight Instructor and Check Instructor at Texas State Technical College. He has experience as an Airline Transport Pilot, a First Officer at ExpressJet Airlines, and he is currently a Corporate Captain. Additionally, he is a veteran of the US Air Force, with 15 years of experience. When Jeff isn’t flying or providing aviation expertise, he enjoys fishing, hunting, and water sports. Jeff lives with his wife, Tamara, and his sons Colton and Tucker.


Certificates & Ratings: ATP; Gold Seal CFI-CFII-MEI-AGI; Aircraft Dispatcher; Type Rated in EMB-145, B-200

Daniel Roman Headshot



Daniel Roman is Chiota Aviation’s assistant chief flight instructor from Waco, Texas. His interest in aviation began after his freshman year of high school when he attended an aviation-themed summer camp at TSTC Waco. On the last day of camp, an instructor took each camper on a discovery flight. During that first takeoff, Roman knew that’s what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He began flight training at TSTC Waco the fall after his senior year of high school, then returned to teach for 2 1/2 years, rising to the level of team lead and Check Instructor. Roman graduated from Texas A&M University in the spring of 2018 with a bachelor’s in Aviation Science and a minor in business. When he isn’t flying, Roman enjoys baseball, soccer, hunting, and hiking. He lives with his wife and 3-month-old daughter.


Certificates & Ratings: Gold Seal CFI-CFII-MEI-AGI; Type Rated in the Citation Jet

Daniel Roman Headshot

Aaron Westerman


Aaron Westerman currently serves the Chiota Aviation as a CFI. Aaron was born in Nacogdoches, Texas and grew up in Waco, Texas. He attended Texas State Technical College, where he was first introduced to aviation in 2017, and graduated in 2019 with an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation degree, finishing his commercial and CFI training with Chiota. It’s been his dream ever since he was little to fly airplanes. Now, Aaron gets to do that every day for a living. This joy he has for airplanes and his job can also be seen in his commitment to his students’ education, safety, and their passions. When Aaron is not flying planes or teaching students, he enjoys any hobbies that involve engines or music.


Certificates & Ratings: CFI; Commercial Training

Blake Morton Headshot



Blake Morton is a Flight Instructor from Hugo, Oklahoma. Blake always wanted to be a pilot but wasn’t always sure how to make his dream a reality. In 2013, Blake joined the Marine Corps as an avionics technician on AV-8B Harriers. After some time, a Captain at the base showed Blake the opportunity that he had to be a pilot and directed him to a seminar about how to use his GI Bill for flight training. This led Blake to attend Baylor University in the fall of 2018, in pursuit of his aviation dreams. Blake began flight training that same semester, and hasn’t looked back since.


Ratings & Certificates: CFI-CFII; High Performance, High Altitude, and Complex Endorsements

Zoie Cline Headshot



Zoie Cline is Chiota Aviation’s administrator from Houston, Texas. She began flight training in the fall of 2018 at TSTC Waco through Baylor University, where she completed her Private Pilot training in a Cessna 172. Zoie completed both her instrument and commercial training through Baylor’s partnership with Universal Flight Concepts, where she flew both a Tecnam P2010 and a P2008. Zoie has also completed her CFI, TCI and AMEL training.


Ratings & Certificates: CFI; TCI for Cirrus; AMEL